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Our company was build on helping the individual. We don’t consider ourselves credit repair company. We don’t consider ourselves a lender or broker. Krimson Financial is a comprehensive fusion of multi financial sector with the sole mission to bring you the result you are looking for. we know credit, we know financing and we know you’ll be satisfied 

Credit Audit

Get a complete audit of your credit report to see how you can improve your report to help you qualify for the best financing

Credit Approval

Once your scores have improved we will connect you with the lenders and financing companies

Credit Builder

Add new, positive credit to your credit report to help establish a positive payment history

Mortage Approval

Your dream home is closer than your realize, we’ll show you how

Credit Repair

We legally remove inaccurate and unverifiable information from your credit report.

Because You Need
Someone In Your Corner

Having Bad Credit in Expensive!

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