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How often do you see a new applicant come across your inbox ready to apply now. You collect all their info and tell them how great your process and services are. Of course, once you run their credit, you see the bad news. You struggle with frustration, thinking “I just spent all this time building a relationship and earning their trust, but I can’t help them.” Now what?

What happens when your potential client’s credit is holding them back from approval?

You can feel at ease knowing you have your solution. With Krimson Financial you will be a part of “The Closing Table.” This is a private group of realtors, mortgage brokers, loan officers, branch managers, auto finance managers, attorneys and more who all have one thing in common. They want to bring their clients to the closing table so they can earn their clients business and provide the great service they can deliver. You will be apart of a group that is dedicated to getting their clients qualified.

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You’ll no longer have to turn someone away because of poor credit. Instead of declines, you’ll be able to tell them how they will be approved. Instead of telling them not now, you tell them when. This will increase your closing ratio by at least 30% within the first couple of months of partnering with us. Can you think of how many deals you lost because of bad credit? What would increasing your closing ratio by 30% do for your company, your life, your commissions, and your clients?
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Do you deal with clients that have poor credit and frustrated knowing if they had good credit you would be able to make money?

We turn your TRASH CAN into a CASH CAN!

THE KRIMSON DIFFERENCE you get a customized portal so you can track every client you send us, we will work to repair your client’s credit and hand them back to you as a qualified sale and borrower.

We have seen some of our Affiliate Partners that work with us have made as much as an additional 100,000 in a month.


You simply send us your clients who have credit challenges big or small. We will fix their credit as fast as humanly possible and send them directly back to you in as little as 6 months or sooner, ready to be approved. The best part is, this program costs you nothing!! You will have a dedicated team to ensure your clients are getting the best service and all their needs are met to get to the “The Closing Table.”

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Below are just a few benefits that you can expect while in our partner program. We will train you on our state-of-the-art software so you can send us your clients and track their progress. How great will it feel to build a secondary pipeline of clients that you would have turned down before.


Below are just some of the benefits that your clients will receive while in our program:

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Having Bad Credit in Expensive!

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