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We are a goal oriented company that gets you RESULTS! We are affiliated with the most cutting edge lenders and organizations in the entire company providibg you expert advice and quick result! Speak with real people you treat you by your name not with number! Krimson Financial prides itself  in getting results!

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Chris started with humble beginnings, the son of an NYPD police officer and a mother who was a state employee. He thanks both his parents for instilling in him the values of hard work and discipline. These are the values that drive his success today.

Developed the company based on the love he has for finance, mortgages and helping people with their credit. Over a 14 year period, Chris was a mortgage broker and owned a mortgage company for 12 of those years. This is where the foundation of his knowledge was built. Chris found his professional footing, and noticed his love for business and sales, in the mortgage world.

When the market began to crash in 2006, he found the business more heartache than happiness. He noticed how families damaged their credit trying to maintain the home of their dreams. He saw people drowning in debt. After not too long, Chris’ personal credit was suffering. This is where he realized the importance of maintaining healthy credit and responsible financial planning.

Alas, Krimson Financial was born. With an eye toward providing people assistance at a most crucial moment in their life, Chris is applying what he learned in the mortgage business to an entirely new model of industry. Krimson Financial specializes in credit repair and financing options. The company is then able to roll your newly repaired credit into a mortgage approval directly within the company itself. One step closer to buying the house of your dreams, that you so deserve. When you work with Chris and the Krimson Financial team, this is the level of commitment you can expect.

Credit Audit

Get a complete audit of your credit report to see how you can improve your report to help you qualify for the best financing

Credit Repair

We legally remove inaccurate and unverifiable information from your credit report.

Credit Builder

Add new, positive credit to your credit report to help establish a positive payment history

Credit Approval

Once your scores have improved we will connect you with the lenders and financing companies

Mortage Approval

Your dream home is closer than your realize, we’ll show you how

Business Funding

Obtain the financing your business needs to help you grow. Find out how to fund your business without a personal guarantee.

Debt Solutions

We help you get out of debt quickly and effectively with our Debt Solutions services.

Affiliate Partnership

Partner with Krimson to help your clients improve their credit and qualify for the best financing and rates.



Our personal and business clients success speaks volumes and they are always growing.



Our capable product line up has helped us impact people all over the country. Thank you for following us, our extended Krimson Family online is amazing!



With an average 4.7/5 stars for us and an A from the Better Business Bureau, the Krimson process works!

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Our personal and business clients success speaks volumes and they are always growing.


In an industry that can often be misleading, over promising and under delivering, Krimson is and will always be committed to handling all clients and customers with the highest integrity and honesty in all situations. Our success depends on the ability for you to trust us to do our job well and fair. Thank you for your consideration in Krimson to help you achieve your financial goals either personally or in business. We look forward to your success!

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